Xtrimmer Ltd is a leading operations and service company dedicated to the medical cannabis industry. We provide expertise in indoor and crop cultivation, post-harvest processing, manufacturing, and comprehensive consulting services. Our in-depth knowledge of international cannabis markets makes us a valuable partner for creative and innovative entrepreneurs. Xtrimmer Ltd stands out with our hands-on, revenue-based growth model. We work, labor, and bloom alongside our clients

Team Assembly and Values

Xtrimmer Ltd champions fair labor practices. Our unique compensation models incentivize a highly industrious and quality-conscious workforce. We believe that hourly wages limit potential – dedicated, high-yield workers should directly reap the rewards of their labor. This approach consistently results in a 15-40% increase in worker daily yield.

PB Strategic Solutions for Profitability:

Xtrimmer Ltd leverages comprehensive market expertise in behavior, import/export dynamics, genetics, and manufacturing to unlock growth opportunities for your cannabis business. We pinpoint critical gaps, identify high-value targets, and develop actionable strategies to maximize your profitability.

post harvest HUB

Our post-harvest hubs offer innovative solutions for the cannabis industry. We specialize in professional processing, curing, and manufacturing adjustments tailored to the unique characteristics of each flower. Our expertise maximizes yield value and profitability. Our model streamlines operations for the medical cannabis industry, reducing costs, facilitating international distribution, and minimizing the need for extensive labor.

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Extrimmer Ltd.: Your Comprehensive Cultivation and Processing Partner Extreamer Ltd. is an operational company with a deep understanding of every stage of plant cultivation and processing. We work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs, ensuring alignment with their cultivation plans and business models.

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Extrimmer: Comprehensive Services for Israel's Leading Cannabis Companies

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